Japan tightens sanctions against Russia after deadly missile strikes in Ukraine

Japan tightens sanctions against Russia after deadly missile strikes in Ukraine

TOKYO, Jan 27 (Reuters) – Japan on Friday tightened sanctions against Russia following its latest wave of missile attacks in Ukraine, adding goods to an export ban list and freezing the assets of Russian officials and entities. The decision comes after Russia launched missile attacks in Ukraine, killing at least 11 people on Thursday, following … Read more

Israel hits Gaza as conflict erupts after West Bank clashes

Israel hits Gaza as conflict erupts after West Bank clashes

Rockets from Gaza have raised alarm in Israeli communities Cross-border gunfire followed an Israeli raid in the West Bank Israeli raid kills at least nine Palestinians Violence has increased in the West Bank over the past year JERUSALEM/GAZA, Jan 27 (Reuters) – Israeli fighter jets struck Gaza on Friday night in retaliation for two rockets … Read more

Israeli troops kill 7 Palestinian gunmen and 2 civilians in clash in Jenin, Palestinians say

JENIN, West Bank, Jan 26 (Reuters) – Israeli commandos killed seven gunmen and two civilians in a raid on a burning town in the occupied West Bank on Thursday, Palestinian officials said, sparking fears of further outbreaks after the most great death. toll in years of fighting. The Palestinian Authority said it was ending its … Read more

Archaeologist may hail ‘oldest’ mummy ever found in Egypt

CAIRO, Jan 26 (Reuters) – Egyptologists have discovered a pharaonic tomb near the capital Cairo containing what may be the oldest and “most complete” mummy ever found in the country, the head of the excavation team. The 4,300-year-old mummy was found at the bottom of a 15-meter shaft in a newly discovered group of Fifth … Read more

Explanation: Why is Turkey blocking Sweden and Finland from joining NATO?

STOCKHOLM, Jan 25 (Reuters) – Swedish and Finnish hopes of early NATO membership have hit a snag in the form of objections from Turkey, which holds a veto over membership. military alliance. The three nations reached an agreement on how to proceed in Madrid last June, but Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said Sweden, in … Read more

EU wants to send more people back to Africa, Middle East and Asia

STOCKHOLM, Jan 26 (Reuters) – European Union immigration ministers meet on Thursday to discuss visa restrictions and better coordination within the bloc so they can return more people without asylum in Europe to their country of origin, including Iraq. Three years after the 27 EU countries agreed to restrict visas for countries deemed unable to … Read more

At least one dead and several injured in machete attack on churches in southern Spain

Machete-wielding man attacks two churches in Spain Leaves at least one dead, several injured The High Court is investigating a case labeled as ‘terrorism’ MADRID, Jan 25 (Reuters) – Spanish authorities said they were investigating what they called a “terrorist” incident after a machete-wielding man attacked several people at two churches in the city port … Read more