The Rise of the Tech Bro Supervillain

Not very long A few years ago, movie villains were easily identifiable by their facial scars, malevolent laughter, and oddly high collars, but in recent years the shorthand has changed dramatically. Turtlenecks and hoodies are hallmarks of today’s sinister supervillains, as the billionaire tech bro has increasingly become the antagonist of choice. Take Oscar nominee … Read more

Here’s everything new on HBO and HBO Max for February 2023

It’s safe to say that things are changing at HBO Max. As HBO continues to crank out prestige content – ​​hello, The last of us – its sister streamer is getting an overhaul. What does this mean for our streaming libraries in February? Expect few new originals, but the ones we’re getting are worth it. … Read more

Brendan Fraser crashed a ‘mummy’ screening to thank fans

Sometimes it takes a little while for people to jump on the bandwagon and finally celebrate actors who have been around for a while. Even though Brendan Fraser has been producing blockbuster movies since the early 90s, the actor has only recently been recognized as someone who does his job very well and he recently … Read more

The 40 Best Disney Movie and TV Songs of All Time

Clockwork top left: The beauty and the Beast, The little Mermaid, Frozen, The Lion King Official music video “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” (Screen capture: Elton John/YouTube); The jungle Book (All other screenshots: Disney/YouTube)Chart: The audiovisual club Music has always played a central role in the films of waltz disney. “Steamboat Willie,” the short … Read more

Birdman’s Alejandro Iñárritu can still muster some bile for superhero movies, of course

Alejandro InarrituPhoto: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for the Critics Choice Association When it comes to criticizing the superhero genre, Alejandro Inarritu can be considered a disciple of the old school. It was, after all, Iñárritu – long ago before his 2014 Oscar birdmanitself a movie with some pretty caustic thoughts on the superhero as a symbol … Read more

New to Netflix February 2023: ‘You’, ‘Outer Banks’, more

Winter storms will abound in February, so now is the time for Netflix to whisk you away with some fan-favorite series. To this end, You and External banks will return with new seasons of intrigue, murder and drama. Additionally, comedian Jim Jefferies will be back for a fifth special, which will only further bolster the … Read more