Russia Strikes Ukrainian Cities Hours After Western Countries Promised Kyiv Tanks

CNN — Ukraine has urged the West to get military hardware into the hands of its troops as quickly as possible, as Russia fired missiles at Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities just hours after Germany and the United States announced its intention to supply modern tanks to the country. Russia launched 55 missiles at Ukraine … Read more

Russia. NATO’s involvement in the war “grows” with weapons to Ukraine | Russo-Ukrainian War

Russia says delivery of NATO battle tanks to Ukraine is proof of ‘direct and growing’ US and European involvement in war, analyst suggests supplier nations could become potential targets. The comments come after the United States and Germany said on Wednesday they would arm Ukraine with dozens of heavy tanks in its fight against Russian … Read more

Wagner Group: the United States introduces new sanctions against a group of Russian mercenaries

CNN — The US Treasury Department on Thursday designated the Wagner Group, a private Russian mercenary organization heavily involved in the war in Ukraine, as a major transnational criminal organization, and imposed a series of sanctions on a transnational network that supports it. The US State Department simultaneously announced a number of sanctions intended to … Read more

Opinion: Why tanks will be decisive in the next battle for Ukraine

Editor’s note: David A.Andelman, CNN contributor, two-time Deadline Club Award winner, Knight of the French Legion of Honor, author of “A Red Line in the Sand: Diplomacy, Strategy, and the History of Wars That Might Still Happen” and blogs at Andelman Unleashed. He was previously correspondent for The New York Times and CBS News in … Read more

Fighting on Two Fronts: Zelensky Fights Corruption and Russia | Russo-Ukrainian War

Kyiv, Ukraine – It’s become Ukraine’s biggest wartime political upheaval – and it doesn’t seem to be over. Scores of senior officials have resigned or been sacked since Sunday after a Ukrainian newspaper reported on a bribery scheme involving food supplies to the military. The scandal was followed by a breakthrough in Ukraine’s search for … Read more

The United States asked Israel for its Hawk missiles to send to Ukraine

Israeli officials stand next to a Hawk system in Jericho in 1993. Photo: Esaias Baitel/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images The Biden administration has asked Israel for the old Hawk anti-aircraft missiles it has in stock in order to transfer them to Ukraine, three Israeli and American officials told Axios. Why is this important: Israel has so … Read more

Ukraine confirms withdrawal from eastern town of Soledar to ‘preserve staff lives’

Kyiv, Ukraine – Ukrainian forces conducted an organized retreat from a town in the eastern Donbass region, an official confirmed on Wednesday, in what amounts to a rare but modest triumph on the Kremlin battlefield after a series of setbacks in its invasion which started nearly 11 months ago. The Ukrainian army withdrew from the … Read more